Oana Gheorghita Milliner

Behind Oana Millinery’s hats

Born in Bucharest, Romania and established in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, NW London, I come from a very artistic family. I am a creative mind and spirit. In my family piano, violin, calligraphy, design, fine art, sculpture, dance and music were part of every day life of my childhood as my father, aunt, uncles, grandmother, grand-grandmother were all involved in their own artistic activity, my best memory being my father playing the piano and I putting my ear next to it and listening to every key…until falling asleep…

The passion for beauty and artistic creations started really early but the school and jobs took over, and the creativity had to be seconded by analytical skills – big data and insights are having their own beauty though.

I’ve been making fashion jewellery (with Silver and Swarovski crystals)  for friends and family, I’ve enjoyed making Kanzashi (the Japanese technique used to make flowers from textiles- tsumami kanzashi) brooches and accessories, Christmas cards workshops for kids, I’ve been teacher’s assistant for a local Art school, so arts and beauty are part of my life… I’ve been managing the marketing strategy for a demi-fine ethically handmade jewellery brand- for more than 3 years and now the fashion trends, luxury and accessories industry are my second nature, and millinery fits perfect into this natural flow!

The journey of making hats – millinery – started years ago, when I wanted to up-skill my handmade abilities and having in mind that crafting is a very good activity for mental health, keeping creativity alive and even more, challenging myself to learn new skills, to perfection, by the book.

I am mainly self – taught, but I had the opportunity to learn traditional millinery techniques from British well-known milliners, having intensive several sessions of 1-2-1 training, or taking part in workshops and millinery classes.

I’ve trained with famous milliners, one of them being known for making hats for Downtown Abbey – the series. Another one is the Royal milliner that creates almost every hat for official meetings for the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. I am also part of the Millinery & Business Academy.

I am detail oriented as well as am a visionary person, so I love to make the work close to perfection but in the same time, to experiment!

I hope you are enjoying my creations and follow my journey as enthusiast milliner!